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Love God – Love People

Grace, Mercy, Peace by the Work of The Holy Set Apart Spirit

The Apostle Paul’s message is the Good News/Gospel of Jesus Christ, Yahshua Messiah in the Hebrew.  God sending His Son to die on a cruel cross for us is a free gift, and the gift, if we believe in Him, comes with the gift of everlasting life.

The Everlasting Life we have been given is  as a result of His risen Life, by the Power of God, that we share in, being adopted into the Family of Yah/Father God.  We are called to know Him better day by day, as He knows us, and grow in Him.

God loved us so much that He sent His Son, and His Son, Jesus willing accepted a mission that meant He would suffer as a man and die for us, proving His love for us. Receiving such a great Love, we in turn love Him.  

Scripture teaches us that He has a body, and we are a part of His body, along with many, many people from the beginning of creation.  We are all apart of the family of God.  Some don’t even know it yet, but the day will come when they will believe and be reborn in the Family of God, becoming a part of His body.

The Bible teaches that, if we love God, that will translate into loving His body, the church, literally called ones – those who are called, chosen to follow Him.  Are you one of the chosen ones?  By choosing Him, choosing to believe in Him, you will be. And then the process of the Spirit working in and through you to bear the fruit of love, and all that comes with it (Galatians 5) begins.

That is the goal of this ministry – to present the Truth of The Word of God, and allow the Spirit free reign to make it real in lives. In Him we realize His amazing grace, His limitless mercy, and His peace that passes all understanding.